If you were like me and confused by the Medicare, advantage plan, and supplement maze, you need to call Sandra Reith.  I have dealt with many insurance agents but none as understandable as Sandra.  In one hour, she answered all my Medicare concerns.  I also knew the cost of the drugs I take.   She does not talk over your head and is not happy until you fully understand.  She makes it easy and enjoyable.

I also want to relay how professionally and person-ably she handled an issue that arose after coverage was in place.  I contacted her and informed her of the issue, she did not hesitate, she picked up the phone and called to correct the issue.  She has also followed up several time since to ensure that issue was taken care of.

She cares and it shows!


Your satisfaction is very important to me. I strive to help you understand the complexities of Medicare and can guide you to a decision that will be the best possible plan, specifically, for you. The following are just a few, unedited testimonials from some of my clients.

Sandra Reith truly does “speak fluent Medicare”! When it came time to sign up for Social Security and get on a Medicare Plan, I knew it was going to be a typically complicated and ‘convoluted’ government process. Sandra very patiently, and thoroughly, explained how Medicare “works” and provided a visual graphic with which I could follow along. This helped immensely in my understanding what options were available to me and which specific plan would be the absolute best, specifically, for ME.

Subsequent medical issues have confirmed that I have the best coverage possible, thanks to Sandra’s dedication to what is best for her clients. She is always available to answer questions when needed. She actually answers and/or returns calls!

I highly recommend Sandra if you seriously want to understand the many intricacies of Medicare and which plan(s) will benefit you the most.


RB - Sahuarita, AZ

To Whom in need of Great Medicare help,

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Sandra Reith.

I was overwhelmed with problems going from Private Health Insurance to Medicare and a supplemental healthcare provider. 

I ask a friend of mine that recommended Sandra Reith and called for an appointment with her. 

Sandra not only sent up an appointment right away but, made a convenient time so that my wife who is knowledgeable about healthcare providers, could also attend to listen. 

I really commend the prompt service provided by Sandra Reith. There was no confusion she was so helpful with good easy to understand information, easy to compare options and affordable solutions that few other places were not able to help.

Since that time Sandra also helped a few (2) of my family members also get their Medicare and supplemental healthcare provider set up & problems solved. 

I have called on Sandra for help with problems, she always has gone above and beyond my expectations and always helps solve them, even to go as far helping with prescriptions changed over to new preferred providers and a conference calls to the Nurseline.  

I would love to recommend Sandra Reith to anyone in need of Medicare translation and the services she provides. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much our deepest gratitude.

written by F. & S. H. from Green Valley, AZ. 

P.S. Her service goes on, today she helped me with my hearing aid provider :>)


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